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Hi Grandparents!

Updated: Oct 27, 2018

If you're reading this you might be a grandparent or are about to become one. Welcome to our blog! I remember reading somewhere that when a first child is born, a parent is also born. And so it is with a grandparent as well. It's a new relationship with your family as well as a new way of thinking about yourself.

When our first grandchild was born I was 44 years old and didn't feel like the term fit. Part way through my career, this new family role caught me off-guard. Meghan was a young mom and lived in California, far from us. When her daughter was born, I honestly hadn't thought about what grandparenting might be like and how I might help support it. Dan and I weren't prepared for the depth of feelings, the unexpected rewards and surprises that would follow with more grandchildren to come.

Now we have 7 grandchildren and one great grandchild with another on the way. I'd like to say we're prepared for the role by now. But we're not. It's always changing and evolving. When life is good and we're having fun, being a grandparent is filled with simple, poignant pleasures and shared experiences that make memories and fill albums!

When grandparenting challenges seem overwhelming, it would really help to have some other people to "talk to" who might understand. That's the purpose of this blog- to share thoughts, inspire one another and figure out how to make the most out of the precious fleeting time we have with these little folks called grandchildren!

Pa and Georgie at the Bug Carousel at the Bronx Zoo

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Just lovely , Gail. You have found another way to spread your wisdom and joy.


There are some small stubbles along the way but they are far out weighted by the pure joy.

I often was told that the love you have for a grandchild is different, deeper, purer. That’s an understatement.

We have 4 a distance away and DELTA and I are frequent fliers. 3 live close and they are the youngest. Playing hide and seek is the best. Hiding in the bathtub is always a winner. . A granddaughter looking at color of your earrings and nail polish is ours alone.

Our 7 range from 20 to 3 years old. Looking at the world thru each of their eyes at their diiferent ages is seeing the world all over again. Hopefully stronger an…

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