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Great Grand Baby Shower

Seems impossible but our 2nd great grandchild is due in 2019. After so many baby showers over decades, I thought we'd seen a lot of original ideas for gifts and shower themes. But here are a few really unique ideas from Bridget's shower that were new to me and might be useful to you.

1. Besides a baby registry, mom and dad-to-be hoped for money from the grandparents. Grandma Laura made a beautiful baby blanket with soft, small pockets. Inside each was a note with practical tips about being a mom... and tiny envelopes with cash.

2. Instead of a card from the store, we were asked to bring a book and inscribe the inside cover with our inspiration for the baby to remember when the story is read.

3. Words for the "Wee Hours" of the morning was fun to do. On the back of a nighttime diaper, each person wrote something to make mom or dad laugh when they have to do the middle of the night changes!

4. We each stamped our thumb with a different color dye and placed our print on a white mat with a word or two and our name around the print. When it was done it was quite lovely and I believe they planned to put the baby's handprint in the middle. When framed, it will be a treasure to remember the day.

5. Everyone brought diapers and/or wipes. Such a simple gift that it will save mom and dad a lot of money... and you can't get too many!

In a complicated world with so many strong opinions and diverse points of view, we can all agree that there's no greater joy and no higher priority than the birth of a healthy baby. Children unite us in a simple bond of hope. So, we're holding that thought as the new year approaches. Here's to all children... the future of our planet!

Do you have a great baby shower idea? Please share it.

Happy New Year to you and your family.

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