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Car Talk

This morning it was raining (again) as we waited in a line of cars for the preschool teachers to open the door to school. I was telling Georgie that in kindergarten they may learn the Pledge to the Flag. That prompted Dan and I to recite it to him. When we got to the part that says, "and to the Republic for which it stands," he interrupted us.

"Gigi and Pa," he asked. "Where do the witches stand?"

It was such a reminder that kids often don't hear things the way we intend. Add to that the fact that a grandparent's hearing probably isn't what it once was and we have a recipe for miscommunication. Sometimes it's hilarious. Occasionally, it leads to sadness and misunderstandings.

Dan and I like to chat and sing in the car because it's enclosed and when we have the radio off, there aren't many distractions. We can usually talk about stuff and everyone hears the same things. But in a big room with a distractible kid and sounds that bounce off walls, it may not be the best place to make important connections. .

Everyday on the way to school we sing the same 3 songs. The first is one that I made up years ago about loving each other" just because you're you!" The second is the perennial favorite, "You are my Sunshine." And the 3rd is the Alphabet Song. We've sung these together for 2 years and it sets the tone for the day. For our day too! And then we talk.

Do you have a place that seems best to talk to your grandchildren? If you've got an idea that works well, especially for the hard of hearing, we'd love to hear about it!

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