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Like You, We're Grandparents! 


Does this make us wiser?  We'd like to think so but we're often learning from the younger ones in our lives.

Dan and I were first-time grandparents 30 years ago, which frankly seems impossible as we write this.  It was a path we might share with a lot of you.

We met as public school teachers in the early 1970's.  I taught health and physical education; Dan taught instrumental music and drove a Volkswagen bus.  He became the Fine Arts Coordinator and I was District Athletic Director and later Assistant Principal of a primary school before we retired after approximately 34-year careers.

Colin, Meghan and Justin, Dan's children from a first marriage came to live with us in a tiny house one summer shortly after we had Elizabeth in 1978 and we became a family.  It was a huge adjustment for the 6 of us and we have many funny, difficult and touching memories of that time in our lives.  

Fast forward.  The kids grew up. Dan and I traveled the world and enjoyed retirement.  Our kids were having kids and we became grand people.  It was exciting for sure... but they all lived far from our home. 

So, when our youngest daughter and her husband had a little boy we convinced them to give up the nanny in NYC and move back near her hometown.  We said we'd help them transition for a few months and here we are 2 years later thrilled to be spending time with a grandchild!  Georgie just turned 4 and everyday is an adventure.  

We're thrilled by the diverse interests, personalities and world views of our grandchildren, step-grandchildren and the pure cuteness of the great grandchildren we're being blessed with.  We're fortunate that they come to visit and we get to share a slice of their busy lives. 

Like you, we're grateful for every day and the chance to discover life once again through the eyes of a child, experiences which enrich this season of our lives in a way nothing else could.  Yes, it's the best of times... and sometimes it's downright terrifying.  

We have some stories.  I'm sure you do too!  So, please check out our blog... and let's talk!!!!

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"To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world."

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